Operations Manager: OM221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Show the company how to lead with inspiration.
  2. Make crucial judgments about strategy, planning, and policy.
  3. Create, put into effect, and evaluate operational policies and practices.
  4. Assist HR as necessary with hiring.
  5. Contribute to building a culture at work that values excellence and employee morale.
  6. Control planning, reporting, auditing, and budgeting.
  7. Collaboration with senior stakeholders.
  8. Ensure that all legal and regulatory paperwork is filed, and keep an eye out for any violations.
  9. Plan for both short-term and long-term objectives while collaborating with the board of directors to identify values and mission.
  10. Determine the company’s issues and prospects, then deal with them.
  11. Create collaborations and alliances with other businesses.
  12. Support management team contact with employees.

     N80,000 – N120,000 monthly.