Partnership Manager – PM221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Participate in grantee kick-off meeting with grantee and Grants Team.
  2. Participate in MEL start-up training, Communications, and gender training with grantees.
  3. Monitor grantee performance against technical implementation objectives, in line with timeframes and budget.
  4. Routinely engage with grantees via telephone and email, supplemented by carefully targeted site visits, to review implementation progress, identify issues arising, and recommend approaches to support successful implementation.
  5. Proactively identify/provide technical assistance and solutions needed to support implementation of technical activities and mitigate problems before and when they arise.
  6. Proactively identify needed amendments and other implementation issues (e.g., delayed payments, implementation delays, and budget issues) and immediately notify and collaborate with Grants and MEL points of contact to resolve the issues.
  7. Review grantee quarterly reports and identify areas of achievement, challenge, and underperformance and recommend corrective actions/solutions when needed to grantee, MEL and Grants points of contact, and DCOP/COP as needed.
  8. Work with the grantee to prepare and review milestone deliverables before the grantee officially submits the deliverable in SMART for milestone payment to ensure accuracy and completeness. Milestone submissions to SMART should be made by the date stipulated in the grant agreement.
  9. Review grantee quarterly reports and support program validation of means of verification (MOV) submitted with milestone payment requests.
  10. Serve as surrogate representative, fulfilling required responsibilities, for Grants, MEL and Communications teams as needed on site visits to grantees.
  11. Inform Grants and MEL teams on grantee performance issues and provide suggestions for corrective actions.
  12. With MEL and the Environmental Compliance Officer, support compliance of environmental monitoring reporting and identify areas of achievement and underperformance and recommend corrective actions/solutions if needed.
  13. Keep abreast of security concerns or other potential issues related to conflict risk in project areas and inform MEL and Grants of potential negative impact on grant implementation.
  14. Provide input to Grants team on needed grant amendments.
  15. Work with Communications team to ensure that grantee and Trade Hub successes and challenges are effectively communicated to stakeholders.
  16. Write portfolio reports on quarterly and annual basis, prepare presentations and make high level presentations to client and partners.
  17. Work on other tasks as assigned by the PPP Director and other management staff.