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    Category Admin & HR Jobs
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    Posted On May 26 ,2022
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    Qualifications Diploma
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    Employer Name Ann Adebola
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Job Description

Trace Consults is looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant to keep our downtown office running smoothly and efficiently. This is a great opportunity to assist our employees with diverse projects and provide general administrative support.

We’re a small company of less than 100 employees, which means there’s lots of room for growth and learning opportunities. Here at Trace Consults, we’re committed to creating an inclusive culture where all employees feel welcomed and valued. We’re proud to have a 5-star rating on Indeed Company Pages and an above average ​​Work Happiness Score from our employees.”

Administrative Assistant Skills and Qualifications

In order to perform their various duties, an Administrative Assistant must exhibit many varied skills and qualifications. At the core, the Administrative Assistant is a support position, meaning that communications and decision-making are paramount. A few of the specific skills that all administrative assistants should possess include:

Decision-making: Administrative Assistants have to make independent decisions on a daily basis, addressing the best way to handle specific tasks.

Communications and collaboration: An Administrative Assistant must collaborate with other administrators and support personnel, management and clients on a regular basis.

Organizational skills: Organization and prioritization are the core elements of the Administrative Assistant’s responsibilities. You must know how to keep yourself and others organized and how to determine which tasks are the most important in a given list.

Writing: Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing are essential to an Administrative Assistant, who must be proficient in a variety of styles, from creative to professional to technical to education and more.