Programme Analyst, Governance

Job Information

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    Category West Africa Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 24 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name United Nations Development Programme
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Job Description

  • Transmit invitations to the MSP to all TFPs to participate in meetings of the various levels of the consultation framework;
  • Circulate among the PTF all relevant information in relation to sectoral performance;
  • Ensure good communication and good flow of information between the MSP and the PTF and between the PTF;
  • Facilitate sectoral concertation by organizing meetings between TFPs and ensuring that planned meetings are held between the MSP and TFPs, by co-chairing these meetings together with the Ministry;
  • Prepare, on behalf of the TFPs, reviews and joint missions;
  • Follow- up and ensure that TFPs statements are fully reflected in reports as expressed by the TFPs;
  • Establish, develop and maintain good relations with the TFPs active in the sector;
  • Facilitate the introduction of new TFPs in the sector, and motivate TFPs who are not part of the PTF consultation group, to join the group; welcome the new TFPs and explain to them the MSP-PTF consultation framework for the sector;
  • Involve the Deputy Lead Partner as much as possible;
  • Facilitate the participation of non-state actors and civil society in sectoral consultation;
  • Provide reports and advice to the PTF Health Lead Partner for his participation in the political dialogue;
  • Provide methodological and technical support to the animation of sectoral political dialogue in order to stimulate a dynamic of participative, inclusive and accountable sectoral governance in the Health sector;
  • Collaborate with the entity of the Ministry in charge of coordination and communication with the TFPs; support this entity in updating the pages of the MSP website relating to TFPs;
  • Develop, maintain and share knowledge and understanding of the sector, among other things by networking with local, public and private actors;
  • Ensure the administrative memory of the coordination of TFPs. These records must be forwarded to the Deputy Lead Partner at the end of the lead partner’s mandate.