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    Category Sales & Marketing Jobs
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    Posted On Sep 19 ,2023
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Pairview Limjted
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Job Description

What We Do

Formed in 2009, employing a team of leading industry practitioners, Pairview drives Big Data, analytics, and performance innovation through its range of products and services. We specialise in providing business analytics consulting, training, career development, and talent resourcing and recruitment to a wide spectrum of business clients and individual customers across the UK and at international level. With our career path training programmes providing a conveyer-belt of new talent to the employment market, we want to ensure our delegates get access to the very best career opportunities that their in-demand skills should command. We have been growing exponentially and are launching the next phase of our business growth strategy.

Role Summary:

We are looking to hire a Sales Consultant based in Lagos whose summary responsibility is to actively drive sales by providing information on career advancement in digital technology through the Pairview range of learning services (technical and management training programmes) and careers services (recruitment consultancy) to potential clients (B2C and B2B).

Job Description:

1. Career Consultation:

a.) Attending the Pairview global events, delivering power point lectures and information, advice, and guidance to help attendees make relevant choices about their careers.

b.) Working with leads (generated from the marketing unit) who register their interests to have a one-one career consultation sessions regarding a change and/or improvement in their careers.

c.) Following up interest from potential delegates who attend or wish to attend Pairview tech events, ensuring that they are fully subscribed to and attended.

d.) Building a solid product knowledge of the Pairview range of learning programmes and services to provide relevant career development information to a lead during a consultation session.

e.) Intelligently assessing and deducing digital skills gaps and needs in any leads career background and recommending relevant career programme that will be suitable to advancing the career development of the lead.

f.) Helping leads understand the current job market, highlighting where the best opportunities exist through digital skills training

2. Closing Sales:

a.) Designing and implementing go-to market strategies for delivering monthly sales target.

b.) Smartly recommending suitable career programmes that are in line with the leads career development needs and training budget to close sales opportunities.

c.) Smoothly running demo sessions to leads duration consultation sessions, providing them a thorough walk-through the Pairview learning platforms to facilitate sales closure.

d.) Developing and growing new client relationships and driving business sales by identifying and closing new opportunities.

e.) Building local networks through participation in professional/technological networking and maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the global labor market.

f.) Making accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations.

3. Client Relationship Management:

a.) Work closely with the Customer Experience & Retention team to implement retention strategies for new and existing programme subscribers

b.) Liaise with the Customer Experience & Retention Unit Retention in growing customer-referral rate from existing subscriber base

c.) Maintain a professional customer relationship with existing clients

Key Performance Indicators:

i) Total Number of Career Consultation Sessions Held per Month

ii) Total Number of Subscriptions per Month

iii) Total Revenue per Month

Person Specification:

a. Educational Background:

i) Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent

i) A Post-graduate desirable is desirable

i) A professional certificate in tech and management is desirable

b. Technical Knowledge:

i.) High proficiency in use of email campaign applications like mail chimp, zoho crm, MS applications etc.

ii.) Strong tech consultative and sales skill

iii) knowledge of competitors and the tech industry

c. Customer Management:

i) Strong command in verbal and written communication

ii) Proven ability to build client relationships and businesses

iii) Customer focused & service oriented.

Salary Range:

NGN 1,800,000 – 3,600,000 per annum