Security Guard – SG221

Job Information

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    Category Security Jobs
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    Posted On Oct 27 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Candel Company
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Job Description


  1. Patrol the assigned area to watch for and stop trespassing, damage, dangers, and security lapses.
  2. Defend the home and occupants against vandalism, theft, trespassing, and accidents.
  3. Establish a conspicuous presence that upholds safety and security
  4. Determine and look into any suspicious behavior, threats, or unusual conduct
  5. Attend to warnings and aid cries
  6. Monitoring and regulating arrival and departure of staff and guests in accordance with established protocol Reporting rule breaches and violations
  7. Keep an eye out for and stop the entry and exit of prohibited items from the property.
  8. Conduct inspections of the exterior of the property for defects or hazards.
  9. To deal with illegal or irregular acts, contact the appropriate authorities.