Security Guard – SG221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Prevent the entry of anyone who does not have a valid reason to enter or contact the appropriate team for authorization.
  2. Screen any visitor’s cars coming into any MENTOR premises.
  3. Check the entry and exit of visitors in the secure area according to MENTOR rules.
  4. Screen persons authorized to enter the premises and make sure all visitors fill and sign the visitor’s book with the necessary details.
  5. Provide all visitors with a visitor tag and make sure all non-MENTOR staffs are carrying their tag to be identified.
  6. Inform the relevant person of the visitor’s arrival and guide visitors to the appropriate person or to the waiting area.


  1. Ensure security of MENTOR premises and property is protected by watching over the entire designated area and perimeter fence and carrying out regular patrols
  2. In case of intrusion, contact his/her supervisor immediately with the available means of communication.
  3. Ensure the security of vehicles on the premises, direct them in and out, and ensure that vehicle windows are closed in the event of rain and radios are off.
  4. Check that the doors and windows in the various buildings are locked and that internal lights are switched off at night during handover and when the occupants or staff leave the premises.
  5. Check that security lights are working properly and inform the line manager of any problems.
  6. Remain on duty until other guard comes to do a handover and never leave the post unattended.
  7. For each movement, register all information in the movement book: time, destination, passengers.


  1. Ensure that the guard’s torch is working properly, return used batteries and keep the necessary supply of spare batteries.
  2. Ensure that radio/phone is working and that there is always an extra battery or charger available.
  3. Ensure the correct use of generator and water pump: starting, switching off, record sheet of operating hours and maintenance. Ensure that tanks are full with diesel/petrol.
  4. Ensure correct use of extinguishers as well as know where they are located.
  5. Hand over correctly at each change of shift checking that all guard material is in perfect state (ex. radio, torch, boots, raincoats, etc.) and in case of a problem report it to line manager.