Security Manager

Job Information

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    Category Security Manager Jobs
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    Posted On Apr 17 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

  • The overall objective of this position is to support the National Team Lead (NTL) of the Program in the practical implementation of security management across program implementation states including Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa, Adamawa, Plateau.
  • The Security Manager will coordinate all issues of security and safety, including mitigation of the risks posed to the program, personnel, and assets, under the supervision of the NTL.
  • The Security Manager will provide coordinated and focused security and risk management support.

Duties and Responsibilities

Risk Assessment:

  • Monitor the security environment in Nigeria daily. 
  • Maintenance and mapping of security related incidents, drawing on open source and discrete sources, throughout current and intended Program Implementation Areas (PIAs) in Nigeria
  • Conduct ongoing Security Risk Assessments (SRAs), in line with international standards, for the program and events to identify both current and future risks and associated trigger events.
  • Support decision-making on feasibility of business operation and eventsAct as principal Point of Contact (POC) on all security matters for staff in the office.
  •  Liaising with and leading the security Focal Point staff in each office
  • Develop and update an Essential Security Package, SOPТs and Contingency Plans for the program.

Security Management:

  • Provide security input into all aspects of Sahel ConsultingТs operations, including oversight of permanent facilities, field offices, accommodation provision, and event planning
  • Conduct and provide input into site audits of office locations to ensure the highest standards of security are maintained to mitigate current and future security risk
  • Provide oversight of contracted security guards and Military Police (MOPOL).
  • Oversee program travel arrangements, including management of personal tracking and execution of relevant response plans as required
  • Effectively manage travel and journey management of staff and visitors throughout Nigeria ensuring security controls are implemented
  • Assist with operational business pursuit and planning; provide timely and accurate guidance to programme leads supporting the pursuit, costing, planning and delivery of new programmes, business activities or partnerships
  • Regularly review Security Policy Plans and Procedures and the staff responsible for implementation and on-going management.
  • Support the NTL in coordinating and monitoring security activities to ensure that safety and security policies and procedures are implemented
  • Support the NTL in ensuring that staff are fully aware of prevailing security threats and fully advised on means to reduce vulnerability of staff and partners to identified threats
  • Ensure Incident Reports are received, analysed and shared
  • Monitor, assess and analyse security trends from local and regional resources and communicates to NTL and staff
  • Monitor the security preparedness of staff and works with staff to enforce compliance with internal security policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Support the program team in crisis situations to ensure safety to staff and assets as appropriate to the situation
  • Recommend changes in country security plans to the NTL as required
  • Ensure security briefings are conducted to all new staff and visitors
  • Ensure appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate safety and security information and updates of the security situation to staff
  • Attend relevant security coordination meetings on behalf of the NTL, and update the NTL on current security issues
  • Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of the organizations Code of Conduct, ethics, values and standpoint with regard to internal and external actors
  • Liaise and coordinate with relevant security agents on behalf of the organization.

Training and Drills:

  • Ensure regular security-related training for program staff (e.g. Security Awareness Training, first responder training, induction training)
  • Conduct regular security related emergency drills (e.g. telephone trees, Emergency Response Procedures) and Incident Management Training
  • Conduct Management of Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for staff required to operate in Higher Risk environments
  • Conduct Management of Defensive and Security Driving training for drivers.

Relationship Management:

  • Establish and maintain good working relationship with program staff
  • Liaise and share intelligence with those responsible for security on full cost recovery and partnership programmes
  • Liaise with relevant external stakeholders
  • Liaise with security service providers throughout the country to ensure efficient service is delivered and competitive services obtained.

Key Performance Criteria

  • Quality, timeliness and accuracy of security of advice
  • Compliance with British Council Global and Nigeria specific Policy, Plans and Procedures
  • Effectiveness of relationships
  • Annual independent audit of Security Management System (SMS).


Minimum Required Skills and Experience:

  • Have a background in the security sector, military, police or other relevant security parastatals
  • Ability to effectively deal with the stress factor when encountered in security management
  • Should be a member of the Institute of Security in Nigeria
  • Possess a minimum of ten years of work experience in the security industry
  • Have an excellent knowledge of Northern Nigeria territory
  • Ability to speak and write Hausa fluently is desirable
  • Readiness to live in the Northern region of Nigeria
  • Ability to cultivate and sustain strong working relationship with government and other security stakeholders within the territory
  • Good knowledge of security risk assessment of sites.

Other Important Requirements:

  • The post holder is required to travel, including to hostile environments, and work outside regular hours.