Senior Archaeological Fieldwork Manager – SAFM221

Job Information

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    Category Safety & Environmental Jobs
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    Posted On Aug 9 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Edo Museum of West African Art
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Job Description


  1. Develop methodology, program and budget for the EMOWAA-British Museum excavations;
  2. Co-ordination with the EMOWAA design and construction team to ensure that there are no conflicts/delays caused to the construction team during the excavations;
  3. Work with the EMOWAA construction management team to ensure that the excavations are carried out in accordance with EMOWAA and BM Health and Safety protocols, international best practice and relevant Nigerian legal requirements;
  4. Ensure that a clear and practical plan for the excavation and recording of trenches;
  5. Support the development of project research goals;
  6. Work with the EMOWAA and BM teams to plan and develop investigations of the EMOWAA Pavilion site and elsewhere within the wider Cultural Quarter.

Excavation Management

  1. Working in close collaboration with the BM team and NCMM representatives, manage the implementation of the excavation and research design;
  2. Lead the EMOWAA archaeological team, ensuring that all members of the team are clear about their roles and objectives over the period of the excavation and on a day by day basis;
  3. Liaise on site with the construction manager and contractor representatives to ensure that there is mutual understanding of archaeological and construction program and operations;
  4. Ensure the safe management of excavations in deeply stratified urban contexts, ensuring compliance with health and safety and security standards and procedures at all times;
  5. Ensure that finds are collected in line with project standards and processes;
  6. Ensure that the project recording methodology is understood by all members of the excavation team and applied consistently;
  7. Check the excavation records on a regular basis and ensure that they are complete and digitised at the end of the excavation period.