Senior Regional Reporter

Job Information

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    Category Arts & Media Jobs
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    Posted On Feb 3 ,2021
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Nation Media Group
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Job Description

  • Generating top stories for the regional editions;
  • Generating news ideas, special reports and projects from the region and following-up on running stories;
  • Preparing the day’s docket by listing down all the regional story items and submitting the same to the News Editor;
  • Assigning reporters, debriefing them on the content they bring back and ensuring that they submit their stories to meet deadlines;
  • Editing stories to ensure that there’s accuracy, balance, fairness, legal soundness and that they meet journalistic ethics, editorial objectives and house style, and filing the complete stories to the Growth Editor within set deadlines;
  • Taking responsibility for the content generated and newsworthy functions in the regions;