Store Officer – SO221

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    Category Other Oil & Gas Jobs
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    Posted On Oct 27 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Rainoil Oil and Gas Company
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Job Description


  1. manages the office supply business and maintains accurate inventory records
  2. periodically checks the inventory to assess reorder needs and cross-check with records.
  3. fulfills requests for store items from various stakeholders in accordance with established protocols and procedures.
  4. Each item in the office supply store is coded to facilitate identification and accessibility.
  5. keeps track of stock levels and submits a request to buy consumables and non-consumables in accordance with replenishment methods.
  6. Creates a requisition for a store item that is running low and presents it to the operations' head of logistics.
  7. prepares a goods received sheet after receiving store items, checking them against requisitions.
  8. keeps records that are updated regarding the depreciation of products caused by aging or obsolescence.