Ticketer / Customer Service Officer-TCSO221

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Job Information

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    Category Customer Service Representative Jobs
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    Posted On Aug 17 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Capital Luxury
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    Contact Email careers@capitalluxury.com

Job Description


  1. Ability to accurately schedule appointments for clients
  2. Determine costs, create, and sell tickets to travelers.
  3. Offer friendly customer assistance.
  4. Rebook your travel plans and other plans.
  5. Issue boarding passes after verifying all passenger payments for tickets and luggage.
  6. Make sure all customer ticket inquiries are promptly handled and properly documented.
  7. Make sure all customer payments are properly and current documented, and reconcile with the finance staff.
  8. For the purposes of safety and security, make sure that all client goods is appropriately marked.
  9. Organize boarding announcements and swiftly inform all passengers of any additional exceptions.
  10. Make sure that customers are informed of feedback within the predetermined timescales.
  11. Maintain a high standard in all customer communications, communicate with clients with the utmost professionalism, and ensure accurate and informed conversations.
  12. Contact/follow up with the appropriate.