Training and Capacity Building Technical Assistant

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    Posted On Jun 17 ,2020
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    Qualifications Master's Degree
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Job Description

Main responsibilities

  • Development of ecoguard training systems
  • Coordinate the development of training tools necessary for the training of eco-guards (basic levels and team leader)
  • Contribute to the sub-regional validation process of the skills of competencies and training curricula for the two levels of eco-guards
  • Assess the feasibility of a certification system for traditional knowledge in Central Africa for Protected Areas management
  • Support the administrations responsible for the management of protected areas in the process of certification and institutional anchoring of the training program for eco-guards for each of the target countries.

Coordination and monitoring of training sessions’ implementation

• Contribute to the annual planning of training sessions for eco-guards in the 7 target countries
• Develop the criteria and participate in the recruitment of the principal trainers to lead the training sessions for eco-guards planned in the different countries.
• Organize the training of the principal trainers from each of the target countries
• Coordinate the organization of training sessions in close collaboration with protected area managers and trainers retained in each of the target countries
• Work as a trainer in training sessions
• Ensure monitoring and evaluation of training sessions
• Ensure communication with the Delegation of the European Union in Gabon and sub-regional technical assistance from the ECOFAC6 program on the implementation of training sessions;
• Ensure strict compliance with the technical, administrative and financial management procedures of the European Commission;
• Coordinate the drafting of periodic progress reports on the implementation of training sessions for eco-guards;
• Follow up on the recommendations from the various monitoring and evaluation documents, including taking into account the gender dimension and indigenous populations during the organization of training sessions;

Communication and visibility of the project

•Plan, and implement, in close cooperation with the ECOFAC 6 sub-regional technical assistance, communication and visibility activities aimed at raising awareness of the project’s objectives and the support received from the EU.

•Ensure the dissemination of all relevant documents to ECOFAC 6 program partners;

•Facilitate and regularly disseminate the conclusions and lessons learned from the implementation of project activities to national teams, partners and other relevant actors in coordination with sub-regional technical assistance from the ECOFAC 6 program