I have an excellent business idea that I cannot share with anyone!

People often tell me that they have a fantastic business idea, and it is so novel that they don’t want to share it with anyone.  They strongly fear that their great idea will be ‘stolen’.  Some would even use the word ‘patent’ to describe their idea and talk about signing non-disclosure agreement before sharing them.    In most cases, this fear is very baseless.  First of all, you have to understand that no idea is actually absolutely new ‘under the sun’.  Some  other people had thought about it before but never got to execute.  In that vein, you should please stop ‘putting your head in the sand like an ostrich’ and thinking your idea is so great that everyone that learns about it will immediately try to steal it.  Of course, ideas can indeed be stolen, but there are many reasons why this is often not the case. At, we want to add value to job seekers not just in the area of finding latest jobs in Nigeria, but also in enhancing their business creation efforts

First, most times we always need some help to execute our business ideas and if we don’t share it with people that can help us, the idea can stay idle in our hearts for the rest of our lives.  Just as we have to seek inputs from other people about our search for latest jobs in Nigeria, we mostly have no choice but to share our business ideas at some point and with some people.  Second, the person you’re sharing with may not believe in your idea, may not fully understand how to execute it or may be too busy with his own business ideas that he cannot even consider yours.  Third, if the idea is really special and near-original, then only you can execute it best.  It will always be difficult for another person to copy.  Fourth, even if the person copies your idea, it doesn’t mean you still cannot execute your own plans.  People sell tomatoes and rice beside one another in open market and they all still sell.

So, what should you do?  You must try to identify trusted, knowledgeable, and truthful people around you that you can share your business ideas with.  This is someone that will not likely ‘steal’ your idea, has a lot more experience than you do about business ideas, and will tell you the truth.  I used the word ‘steal’ because it is indeed possible for ideas to be stolen, but is a far less risk than not sharing idea with people that can help you actualize it.  I will refer this person as ‘friend or mentor’ and expatiate about ‘truth’.  If your business idea is stupid, you need a friend or mentor that will be truthful and bold enough to tell you that the idea is unwise and you should not waste your time to pursue it further.  And if he/she feels it is a great idea and that you need to seek more advice from people that have greater specific knowledge about the idea, he/she should let you know instead of giving unhelpful ideas.  Unfortunately, most people actually don’t like to hear the truth.  They want the friend or mentor to only praise them and concur with them that the idea is extremely great! As you seek to find latest jobs in Nigeria, please spend some time to also think about business and how you can potentially convert that great idea into a money-making venture

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