Oil Companies in Nigeria

Ever since the discovery of oil in Nigeria in Oloibiri, Rivers State in the  year 1958, the exploration of the crude oil has given the country Nigeria an immense source of wealth which altered the economic wit of the nation as the nation Nigeria grew to become an economic giant. With the introduction of the crude oil to the mainstream Nigeria economy which saw to the importation of crude oil to other nations of the world which generated for the country large returns, a shift happened from agriculture which used to be the beam of the nation’s economy to the crude oil which placed Nigeria on the map of petroleum exporting nations of the world.

Ever since this discovery, business in Nigeria took a huge giant turn as more business opportunities in Nigeria were created, the petroleum industry became the backbone of the Nigerian economy. Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Its oil industry generates over 95 per cent of the country’s foreign revenue. The oil industry alone creates over 65,000 direct jobs in non- direct employment, most of the exploration and production of crude oil is concentrated in the Niger Delta.

The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River sitting on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean in Nigeria. It is typically considered to be located within nine coastal southern Nigerian States, which include: all six states from the South- South geopolitical zone one state (Ondo) from South West geopolitical zone and two states (Abia and Imo) from South-East geopolitical zone. Of all the states that the region covers, only Cross River is not an oil -producing state.

The Niger Delta is a very densely populated region sometimes called the Oil Rivers because it was once a major producer of palm oil. The area was the British Oil Rivers Protectorate. The Delta is a petroleum-rich region and has been the center of international controversy over population.

With the economic benefit that came with the oil rich area called Nigeria Delta, there came the oil exploration of the crude oil by several indigenous companies as well as foreign companies who have gotten the license to explore oil in the area. These various firms have seen to the creation of various employment opportunities for job seekers in Nigeria, as well as expatriates from other nations of the world.

Not only these the introduction of these companies have seen to the commercialization of these areas although there have been various incidents of environmental degradation which was/is caused by the activities of these various oil companies.

Top 23 Oil companies in Nigeria

Addax Petroleum

Addax Petroleum has a long history with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The beginning of the relationship between Addax Petroleum and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation started in 1998. The company is a part of the Chinese Sinopec Group; their major production power is concentrated in the Middle East and Africa.

The company works with over 100 wells in Nigeria. Its net worth is estimated at more than 17 million pounds. The company’s website is www.addaxpetroleum.com.

Nexen Inc

Nexen Inc is one of the most prominent companies in the list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria. It is also one of the Chinese companies of today which are under CNOOC Limited. Their main asset in Africa are offshore projects in Nigeria, which started in 2012. They are also into deep water exploration in Nigeria.

Its net worth is estimated at more than $333 million. The company’s website is www.nexencnoocltd.com.

Hardy Oil and Gas Plc

This company has great interest in working with Nigeria and Nigerians. Their current financial interest of this oil giant is in onshore assets in Atala and Oza. They currently explore these oil fields together with the Bayelsa Oil Company Limited and Millenium Oil and Gas Company.

The company holds 20% of interest in Oza and Atala. Its net worth is estimated at more than 67 million pounds. The company’s website is www.hardyoil.com.


It is a multinational oil and gas company which also has great interest in working with Nigeria; they have had working relations with Nigeria for over fifty years. It currently has a wide distribution network of over 500 oil stations. The company is also involved in power generation and chemical production in Nigeria.

Its net worth is estimated at more than 120 billion dollars. The company’s website is www.total.com.ng.


Petrobras is one of the best oil and gas companies in Brazil; a lot of Nigerians like this company and dream of joining its international team. Its main focus is on oil, gas and alternative energy sources.

Its net worth is estimated at more than $73 billion. The company’s website is www.petrobras.com.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited

Agip is one of the largest oil and gas companies in Nigeria. It is a joint venture of several major players in the oil and gas industry – NNPC (60% ownership), Agip (20% ownership) and ConocoPhillips (20% ownership).

The company’s website is www.eni.com.


Shell is a globally known company and a top player in the oil industry! It has been working with Nigeria for over 60 years and continues to develop new ways of cooperating with the NNPC. A lot of Nigerians also dream of working with Shell.

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Its net worth is estimated at more than 213 billion dollars. The company’s website is www.shell.com.ng.


This is the biggest Norwegian oil company in the world! It has been working with Nigeria since the early 1990s. It is responsible for the Agbani exploration project in Nigeria.

Its net worth is estimated at more than $155 billion. The company’s website is www.stateoil.com.


The headquarters of this oil company is stationed in the USA. The main fields of interest for the company are oil, gas and alternative energy sources.

Its net worth is estimated at more than $253 billion. The company’s website is www.chevron.com.

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is the top oil company in the world; its operations are related to various sources of oil, gas and alternative energy. Its net worth is estimated at more than $400 billion. The company’s website is www.exxonmobil.com.

Negris Energy Services Company (NESCO)

Established since 1980, Negris prides itself as the foremost indigenous energy, oil, and gas service company in Nigeria. Negris plays a leading role in both the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Total Asset Management of Turnkey Projects relating to oil and gas services.

Fenog Nigeria Limited

Fenog is a privately owned Nigerian company specialized in Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction projects particularly for the Oil & Gas industry. Since incorporation in 1992, Fenog has grown to become a dominant provider of EPCI services to the Nigerian oil & gas sector and corporate organization. We have been known to use innovative solutions to deliver cost effective solutions to our clients. We are currently pioneering the use of innovative Continuous Horizontal Directional Drilling (CHDD) for installation of pipeline.

Assets include the Akpevweoghene which is Africa’s largest offshore pipe-laying barge, personnel of over 98% local staff. Fenog Nigeria has the biggest and most powerful Horizontal Directional Drilling fleet in Africa. Currently Fenog owns several HDD rigs from the HDD pd 150 to the powerful HDD pd 500/90 rd. Headed by CEO Mr Matthew Tonlagha.


National Engineering and Technical Company Limited (NETCO) is Nigeria’s 1st National Engineering Company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC). NETCO was established in 1989 as a Joint Venture company (JV) between NNPC and American Bechtel Incorporation, a world-renowned engineering company.

NETCO started commercial operations in 1990 to acquire engineering technology through direct involvement in all aspects of engineering in the Oil and Gas industry. NETCO’s strategic vision is to provide Basic / Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Environmental Consulting and Training.

Headed by Managing Director Engr. Isyaku Dandume Abdullahi. Though the company hasn’t been on the forefront of the oil services business for a while now, it sure does make up for that in its track record

Dover Engineering

Dover Engineering Limited is a 100% Nigerian owned company that commenced operations in 2001 to provide system planning, Conceptual, FEED and detailed engineering design, procurement support, project management, professional manpower and construction services to the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry.

Established in 2001, Dover Engineering is one of the foremost engineering design companies in Nigeria with vast experience in providing first class engineering services for onshore, offshore, swamp and deep-water projects. With a multi discipline team of over 150 engineering employees operating out of two fully functional engineering facilities located in Lagos and Port Harcourt, Dover Engineering is one of the fastest technically pivoted growing companies in the country.

Headed by the CEO Engr. Eloka Ejeh, the company which runs a JV as WOODGROUP DOVER with the internationally acclaimed oil service company WOODGROUP has seen itself make various strides in pioneering subsea front-end engineering design studies for major offshore projects including the EGINA-TOTAL.

 Kaztec Engineering

Kaztec Engineering Limited is a 100% indigenous Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Construction, and Management (EPIC-M) Company. Incorporated in 2005, Kaztec has become the pace setter EPIC-M company in the Onshore / Offshore Pipelines and Facilities. A subsidiary of Chrome Group, Kaztec Engineering Ltd. is a key member of that group and has become a leader in the fabrication of drilling and production platforms in the oil and gas industry.

Headed by its Chairman Sir Emeka Offor, vessels owned include Ekulo Cheyenne (Pipelay/Derrick Barge), Ekulo Spirit (Towing/Anchor Handling Tug), Ekulo Tornado (Dive Support Vessel) and Ekulo Explorer (Anchor Handling Tug). Some projects include the ANTAN offshore drilling project for Addax Petroleum and also a state-of-the-art fabrication yard at the Snake Island in Lagos.


The Company was incorporated in August 2003 under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and is jointly owned by DeltaTek Engineering Limited (100% Nigerian Engineering Company) and WorleyParsons. This is to fill the niche for indigenous professionals to be actively involved in the Oil & Gas, Power, Infrastructures and other industries in order to increase local capacity and to help meet the challenges of creating and sustaining a visible presence and solutions in today’s competitive market.

Arguably the most technically sound engineering player in the oil and gas industry DeltaAfrik can boast of being a leader in major oil and gas offshore projects. These include USAN FPSO, Agbami Technical Service and Subsea Project, etc.

Nigerdock Nigeria PLC

Nigerdock Nigeria Plc – FZE is West Africa’s leading industrial corporation focused on oil gas construction and major marine services including offshore and pressure vessel fabrication, ship building and repair, industrial training and specialized oil gas and maritime support.

Nigerdock’s Offshore Fabrication Division is specialized in the fabrication of topside modules, subsea manifolds, jackets, wellheads, satellites, process platforms, process piping, buoys, piles yokes, and double joints. Nigerdock also performs offshore installations of pipe spools, supports, platforms and heat shielding including pipe coating and the installation of MOV’s, flowmeters, P&T transmitters, F&G detection systems, including cabling and ducting


If you visit the websites of all the oil and gas companies in Nigeria mentioned above, you will be able to get complete information about their operations in the country! Moreover, they also provide good job opportunities which you won`t like to miss!

By Amudipe Marcus

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