Graduate Jobs in Nigeria: How do I surmount the no experience challenge?

While searching for graduate job vacancies in Nigeria, or generally seeking new careers in Nigeria, people often encounter the problem sorry no experience challenge. The first thing I usually say is – every student should try to get unpaid jobs during school to acquire some experience. In today’s competitive world, it has become not just a good idea, but an absolutely necessary tool for getting jobs in future. Most employers never want to hire ‘first-timers’ because they are afraid to take risks. The solution is not trying to counsel employers to change, but to tell young people to humble themselves (no matter how rich your background is) to do some small jobs during school breaks. It will always enhance your future search for graduate job vacancies in Nigeria

Students that have mandatory internship program during their school education have a slight advantage, but you really don’t need a school to force you to look for small jobs during school. If you do not get such opportunity during school, your immediate target after graduation (before NYSC) is to find such small job. The problem is that most graduates only want ‘paid’ jobs and they over-estimate their capacity (knowledge/skills). Take that small job, be diligent at it, but keep searching aggressively as if you have no job. And when you go for interviews, you should try to ‘polish or exaggerate’ your small job roles. If you were serving drinks to customers, call it customer service and find nice ways to describe it. Find sales jobs, teaching jobs, driver jobs, or whatever can give you some experience and opportunities to meet people. It will always add value while searching for graduate job vacancies in Nigeria.

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