How to Write A Personal Statement 2021 + Free Template

Searching for opportunities in Nigeria can be quite engaging in recent times, especially in the wake of the various socio-economic cum political issues which has marred the Nigerian realities; hence making opportunities in Nigeria a hard one to come by.

Going back to the, the usage of the word “opportunities” is made not to limit the scope of this discourse to a particular discipline. In regards to the aim of this discourse, the focus shall be on personal statement which is often regarded as a vital document in the process of searching for jobs in Nigeria or seeking an admission into any institute or learning facilities.

The aim of this discourse will be to introduce you to the need for a personal statement in the process of searching for job or applying for a scholarship, for a program either educational or not among every other purpose.

It aims to enlighten the readers on the need for a well written personal statement by emphasizing the importance and significance of a well written personal statement. Also, one of the focuses shall be on how to write a good and impressive personal statement. The truth is that for every opportunity or opening which you intend applying for, or which you are applying for, there is an average of twenty to thirty others who are applying for, that is if the requirements are just for a specific group of people, but when it is a general opening; then you are sure to expect hundreds of applicants vying for same opening. This revelation which is quite a common feature of Nigeria brings us to one basic position and that is as an applicant; endeavor to do the needful by ensuring that you have the necessary requirements backed with valid documents to validate them.

Do not in any way take these processes with a light hand, be it in the course of writing your Curriculum Vitae, application letter or writing your personal statement which shall be the main focus of our discourse; ensure that they are written to meet global standards. When this is done, it gives you an edge over other applicants or candidates who are applying for same positions or roles.

I guess by now, you must be thinking that it is not only an engaging one searching for opportunities in Nigeria but also a complicated one applying for opportunities in Nigeria. Not to worry, there are platforms which are designed to help opportunities seekers or applicants in Nigeria do just that. While we have many of them around, quite a few of them offers qualitative services to their clients. Delon Jobs in Nigeria ranks top among the various online platforms as they possess the technical know-how and professional advantage which they will employ to guide you tailor your documents to achieving the desired result, they also offer Nigerians across the 36 states of the federation the platform to search for opportunities within and outside the country. Adding to their numerous functions, they provide the much-needed insight and tutelage on how applicants and prospective job seekers can maximize their opportunities and chances while searching for opportunities in Nigeria.

What is a Personal Statement?

In simple terms, a personal statement is a document or a piece of writing which applicants submit as part of the documents required from them by the recruiting firms or organization during an application process. It is a document which must be tailored to contain an applicant’s statement of academic interest and must be devoid of containing personal information of the applicants.

This document is often regarded and considered as a very essential part of an applicant application documents as it gives to the respective applicants the opportunity to sell themselves, that is a platform to describe their academic records, ambitions, skills and also their experience to the firm or institution they are applying to.

Also, it provides the medium for respective applicants to compliment and support their application to secure the opportunity which they are applying for. It also gives them the medium to express or explain why they are applying for the applied role or function, their qualifications, skills and their years of expertise or experience.

Importance of Personal Statement

  1. To make Applicants Stands Out– one of the numerous advantages that writing and submitting a good personal statement brings is that it helps the applicant to stand out among other applicants. When your personal statement is duly recognized by the recruiters, it gives you as an applicant a special edge or consideration over other candidates. There are also countless of applicants who are also applying for the same position or function. Many of them also have the same qualifications and probably experiences which are like yours. When your personal statement stands out from others, you are already a step ahead.
  2. A Good Introduction Platform- A well written and detailed personal statement offers you the opportunity to introduce or acquaint yourself with the recruiting committee.
  3. Important Application Document– the personal statement document is an important part of the application process which recruiters or organization looks forward to reading.

How to Structure a Personal Statement?

When writing a personal statement, it requires a well detailed and structured process to come up with a brilliant and impressive personal statement. Before you write a personal statement, here are few tips to help you structure it well to achieve the targeted goal and objective.

  1. Do well to ensure that you possess a good background detail and information about the role, function, position or opening which you are applying for.

Do a proper research and background check of the firm or position, the uniqueness about them and their objectives; when this is done, it helps to have a solid understanding of the task ahead and how to execute it.

  1. Highlight the different programs or aspects of the program and identify the one which you find attractive or appealing. This when done can be highlighted in your personal statement.
  2. Do well to identify and highlight your goals and topmost plans in life, also when doing this, list the various factors that motivated you in times past, the present motivating factor/factors which will go a long way in helping you to pursue the specific program.
  3. While you discuss about your educational and academic background, it is also pertinent  that you add as part of the document the various skills which you have garnered over time. Also do not forget to add that your expertise is very much needed for the role or program.
  4. While writing your personal statement, it is a must that you understand the need to be sincere, honest and truthful about every information that you are going to provide. This is because the recruiting firm will confirm your claims and when found to have lied, it greatly jeopardizes your chances. Do well to avoid the use of exaggerations or embellishments. It is not a means to hype you but to present yourself in corporate lights.

How to write a Personal Statement

  1. Writing a personal introduction– when writing your personal statement, you start with a personal introduction and in doing this; you as an applicant must ensure that it talks about you and your person in brief. It must also state the reason why you are applying for the opening. Here your interest must be defined and well stated.   You must ensure that you use strong statements backed up with the right choice of words in this section as it would go a long way in helping to retain the interest of the reader. Failure to achieve this may lead them to getting bored while they read your file.
  2. Write about your relevant skills, experiences. Qualifications and interest-  in this section, your writings must reflect your skills, qualifications, interest, and years of expertise that is experience in previous roles, engagement, or functions. At this point when writing, it is very important that you tailor the various skills, experience and qualifications mentioned by you to fit into the job or role which you are applying for. When this is done and achieved it helps you to create a good impression that your profile that is your qualifications, skills, experience, and interest fits into the position that you are applying for. Hence you possess a good knowledge and understanding of what you are seeking for or applying for.

Under this section, you must take note and cognizance of the items listed below and does well to ensure that you present them well and good.

  1. Your achievement and experience– do well to input all your acquired degrees right from your secondary school level to the point of your higher institution, also add the various additional qualifications that you possess. Do well not to leave any certification out of this process. Include your awards if there is any, your years of experience in the sector and also it is also necessary that you include the various positions which you have held, the various functions attached to these offices or roles and how the experience and knowledge acquired through all these various process can help you, or will help you in the new role which you are seeking for.
  2. Your relevant skills and talents– also under this sector, it is quite important that you do not forget to add your talents and relevant skills which are either natural ones or which you have acquired in the course of your academic or professional career. Go further by mentioning these various skills and talents, the notable things which you have been able to achieve with them in past engagements and dealings. Also, while at this, do well to ensure that you tailor these skills and talents to matching the function of the office or position which you are applying for or which you applied for.
  3. What you would bring to the organization- in this section or paragraph dedicated to this, what you are expected to do is to explain how you intend to add value to the organization or firm. You have already highlighted your basic skills and talents, hence use these highlighted skills and talents to lay more emphasis on what the firm stands to get or benefit from accepting your application. No firm is willing to accept or employ any candidate or applicant without having anything to offer. In doing this you can refer to your experience and achievements working for other firms or organization, it can also be personal achievements.
  4. Your Professional or academic goals- also do well to include your professional or academic goals either short time or long term. Especially if what you are applying for is academics or educational related. State in clear terms what you wish to accomplish or achieve in your academic pursuit and if it is a job application, do well to state your professional goal.

Write a strong conclusion

It is also important that at this stage you do ensure that you conclude with a strong conclusion. In clear cut diction leave a convincing closing paragraph, one strong enough to persuade the reader or examiner.

Proofread and edit

It is quite important that you go over your document before submitting. There might be one or two errors which might spoil the beauty of your work. When doing this, you might want to employ the services of someone else with a good grasp of English to help you read and check for any errors which you might have overlooked or missed while you were reading it.

Other things you should take note of

Keep it simple

Avoid big words

Use a positive voice

Be Unique

Samples of Personal Statements


Diseases are no good to the human existence as it negatively affects all aspects of our lives. To curb or prevent these various diseases from taking hold of our body, vaccinations are always given us especially among the children. These various vaccinations which are always given to children as a form of medication stands years of research into the mechanism and effectiveness of these vaccines to determine their effect either short term or long term.

The field of pathology is one which I became quite passionate about during my first year in High School after reading a book about the story of Edward Jenner and over the course of my study of pathology over the years, I have come to believe that vaccination is the most potent way or method through which we can combat and eliminate disease. I do have the firm belief that my further studies Pathology will give me the much-needed platform to study the various alteration that pathogen can cause a living host. This knowledge will go a long way in helping me make improved diagnosis as a physician.

My very first encounter with infectious disease wad when I was serving as an intern at Delon Medical Center where I assessed samples of patients processed them and I applied antibodies to examine for irregular growth.  Through my research in the field, I have learned how important scientific research is to this field. I hope to be considered worthy to continue my research in your institute.

During my career, I have always desired to advance further studies on infectious diseases, my medical school experience, coupled with my residency have prepared with the work ahead. One which I am ready and well spurred to take on.

It is my hope that this institute will find me worthy to continue my studies here.

Marcus Amudipe

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