Remote Work: 21 Tools That Help Improve Productivity

Remote employment was once thought of as a customer service position paying less than minimum wage, but as trends have changed, it is now seen as a full-time profession. With the help of technology, we can complete the same tasks from anywhere in the globe. People are attempting to change to this technology all around the world. Businesses are attempting to enter this market to meet the changing needs of its staff members and to accommodate talent from across the world.
Doing work at home is fun and relaxing. However, it becomes a nightmare when there’s a boatload of tasks to do, and you’re using up more than eight hours of your time every day to finish all of them, thankfully some readily available tools can boost your productivity and let you do more work in less time.
The growing trend in remote working
Here are the main reasons why remote working is growing in trend.
• scheduling your own workday
• the convenience of living at home
• opportunity to travel more
• Less stress Better personal time management
• More fulfilling
Let’s look at the tools for managing remote duties that will make it easier to keep workers active and developing professionally.
1. Use a password manager
You will have a lot of usernames and password combinations to deal with and remember whether you are using your computer for personal or professional purposes. Additionally, several websites and businesses need you to routinely update and change your passwords, which makes logging in and out of websites a major hassle even if you can remember your login credentials. Prepare yourself for some time-consuming verification and password reset procedures if you unintentionally forget one.
All those issues may be solved with a password manager. Additionally, you may use a single app to safeguard all your accounts and passwords. Additionally, you may log into all your accounts with a single password.
The finest feature of most contemporary password managers is that you can use them on all your technology. It’s a supreme convenience that can increase your productivity by itself.
2. Install Browser Extensions
Sincerely, a web browser is currently used for the majority of remote work. Most businesses instruct employees to utilize well-known internet browsers rather than requiring them to use a proprietary or customized software.
Thankfully, most internet browsers nowadays are completely customizable, making it simple to add extra capabilities using browser plugins or extensions to increase productivity. To assist users with their work, certain well-known plugins are frequently installed to integrate notepads, calendars, grammar checks, and even time trackers.
3. Buy A Macro Keyboard
You can purchase a macro keyboard in place of third-party scripting packages if the apps you use do not support macro choices. Additional keys on a macros keyboard may be programmed and used as unique shortcuts in your operating system and software.
Some video editors frequently install two additional keyboards and assign all their keys to different shortcuts that they frequently use when editing videos. With a macro keyboard, you may operate with just one without being constrained by the size of your workstation. Always bear in mind that using tools effectively can ultimately increase your productivity.
4. Virtual workspace software
Keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to team tasks, especially those that include a big number of individuals, is one of the hardest things about having staff working from different places. Because of this, it is crucial to use project management software that serves as a single, central location where progress is monitored, and any adjustments are made.
There are several solutions available right now, each with unique qualities. Notion, for instance, is renowned for its flexibility, but Basecamp features a helpful group chat feature that might replace the need for additional channels like Slack.
These programs simplify communication for employees and help them be more productive by making it apparent what tasks should be prioritized.
5. Find Free Applications on The Web
You have the alternative to locate and gather free software and remote work solutions on the web if the productivity-boosting features offered by the internet browser you use are insufficient to meet all of your wants.
Don’t simply download and install anything, though. Make careful to educate yourself on any program you want to use on your computer as a precaution. Most free software frequently contains malware, viruses, and adware.
6. Video Conferencing Tools and Equipment
Although it might seem like an easy choice for this list, video conferencing technologies are essential for teams with members dispersed throughout the globe to have productive meetings. Even though a few companies, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, dominate the market, it may be worthwhile to look into some of the other options available in case they better suit your needs (for instance, Hubspot Meetings is free for those who only need a very basic scheduler and calendar app, while WebEx is particularly helpful for very large companies).
Employers should be extremely cautious about adopting a culture where video meetings are too regular, however, given the growing body of research on “Zoom fatigue” and its ties to burnout, as well as the fact that 60% of workers find meetings at work to be distracting.
Implementing “no meeting days” is a smart answer; according to one research, businesses that had two of these days each week experienced a 71 percent increase in output.
7. Upgrade Your Computer or Its Components
When working from home, your productivity might often be hampered by the equipment. Additionally, you could just have one reliable device because you’re working remotely. If it’s currently performing slowly, think about updating it or one of its parts.
Change to a solid-state drive if your operating system is still on a hard disk drive. Additionally, switch to DDR percent RAM sticks and get a motherboard that can accommodate your upgrades if you’re running DDR# or DDR$ RAM. Considering this, you might also need to update your CPU in order for it to work with the board you’ll receive.
8. Calendar Apps
The ideal time management tool is likely already in the possession of most people: a calendar app. It is a wonderful technique to organize the tasks that need to be completed in the upcoming week or month when applied properly.
The concept is straightforward: each item on a to-do list should be given a time slot on the calendar, being careful not to jam in too many. The ability to see your week in advance in this way makes it easier to manage tasks. and it implies that workers will be responsible for their goals and remain focused each day.
Employees may improve cooperation by making their calendars accessible to other team members, allowing those working from home to quickly see what other people are currently working on.
9. Online timers and reminders
You have set up a whole day on your calendar to start working on a task that needs intense attention. But after an hour or two, you notice that your focus has begun to go and that you have been reading the same sentence over while considering what to prepare for lunch.
Many workers will be able to relate to this scenario, which might be made worse by working from home. It can be challenging to balance periods of intense work with frequent breaks throughout the workday when there are no coworkers around to advise a quick coffee or meet up with.
Online timer solutions that encourage employees to take regular breaks can assist with this. A popular option is the pomofocus timer, which implements the Pomodoro Technique by planning a five-minute break after each lengthy 25-minute stretch of undisturbed work.
There are even applications that will motivate you to get up regularly and stretch your legs (like stand up!) or to drink enough water during the day, both of which are beneficial interventions for desk-bound employees.
These are important choices to think about if businesses are serious about helping staff members prevent burnout, which is a problem for both remote employees and office personnel.
10. Transcribing software
When meetings are necessary, can they be held as quickly and with the least number of participants as possible? Consider recording the meeting and utilizing transcription software to ensure that what was said is both searchable and visible at a glance if there is a chance that others may need to know what was discussed. In addition to being accurate and kept in a convenient location, the record will also spare one employee from having to spend time taking notes or summarizing important points.
One well-known service that enables notes to be annotated and shared in teams as a follow-up is
11. Wellbeing and mindfulness apps
It should go without saying that employees who can effectively manage their stress and care for their mental health will be more engaged and productive.
While these topics may have formerly seemed outside the purview of employers, businesses are now acknowledging, if not actively embracing, their responsibilities for the overall welfare of their workforce. Businesses that are serious about achieving these goals might consider providing staff with access to wellness applications like Mindful, Calm, or Beeja, which use techniques from disciplines like mindfulness and meditation to lessen stress and anxiety.
12. Remote Desktop Software
You can operate on a computer remotely using remote desktop software in a safe manner, just as if you were seated in front of the keyboard. It’s a practical means of getting distant worker’s home. In addition, you may solve your relatives’ email issues from the convenience of your couch.
Your IT department should assist you in configuring remote access on your home computer if you are connecting to the office computer as a telecommuter.
Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client is easy to use, incorporated into Windows, and accessible as a Mac download. Apple Remote Desktop is the version they provide.
Other choices include Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer, which support screen sharing and remote access on virtually any device. This simply needs only a few clicks to set up and operate and runs in the Chrome browser.
Even though TeamViewer offers more functionality, Chrome Remote Desktop is arguably the most straightforward choice for remotely accessing files or doing rapid troubleshooting.
13. Whiteboard and mind mapping tools
Remote collaboration entails remote brainstorming. Using an online whiteboard to simulate the in-office whiteboarding experience is one technique to do this.
You may use mind mapping tools to organize tasks more visually and to support online collaborative brainstorming.
14. Focus apps
There are applications and browser extensions that may temporarily ban particular websites and programs or set a time restriction if you battle with the urge to continuously check your email or visit time-wasting websites. really useful for avoiding the Wikipedia rabbit hole.
The Pomodoro Technique, which entails working in concentrated, scheduled 25-minute bursts with a 5-minute rest in between, is a well-known method for maintaining concentration.
15. File and Disk Encryption
Data is scrambled by encryption software so that thieves cannot access your files without the encryption key or password, even if it falls into the wrong hands.
With technologies like Mac OS X’s FileVault or Windows’ built-in BitLocker, you can encrypt your whole hard disk. However, even though whole disk encryption is generally safer, you may more conveniently manually encrypt the computer files and folders that contain critical information. These comprise documents containing private data, such as social security numbers or account numbers, or private firm information, such as customer names and confidential information. Nobody wants to be the employee whose lost laptop has unprotected data that reveal the private information of clients.
16. Automation Tools
Because they may skip pointless in-person meetings and have fewer office distractions, remote employees are already more productive. Your productivity is increased through automation. You may save your energy for the most essential things that only you are excellent at by eliminating the repetitious duties or assigning lesser jobs to others.
tools for expanding text autocomplete words you frequently enter, such standard email responses or lines of code. Additionally, they can swiftly add information like the current date and time and correctly spell mistakes, saving you hours of typing
17. Mobile Hotspot
Reliable internet connectivity is essential for remote work. You most likely already have the fastest internet you can afford if you work mostly from home. But just to be safe, each member of your team must have a mobile hotspot.
Mobile hotspots may be used as a backup in case your power or internet goes down, in addition to providing access to the internet when you’re on the road.
Your phone may function as a hotspot. Most recent iOS and Android phones and tablets come with this built-in capability dubbed personal hotspot on iOS and mobile hotspot on Android. Just be aware that using your phone as a wireless modem may cause its battery to discharge more quickly, and your cellular carrier may also need you to purchase a hotspot.
18. Google Drive
You may design a folder hierarchy in Google Drive that makes it simple for your team members to discover the materials and data they require.
Additionally, you can choose which goods certain people may view and what degree of access they should have. You can even share objects directly via a link. This will not only protect confidential information but also streamline the team’s overall perspective.
19. Mini stationery set
Traditionally, computer-based industries like web development, data administration, and marketing are good candidates for remote employment. To enable remote employment, the epidemic has prompted significant expenditures in several sectors. For instance, a lot of teachers and healthcare professionals may now do some of their job remotely.
There will probably be times when you want to take your job off-screen, no matter what it is. Creativity may be sparked by taking a break from technology to brainstorm and jot down ideas on a board or on paper. Therefore, carrying some real stationery along is usually a good idea.
A flipchart or whiteboard, some markers, and rubbers are all you need for homework. Why not pack a little stationery set for those spur-of-the-moment creative moments when working farther away?
20. Surge Power Strip with USB
How rapidly your work-from-home arrangement develops may surprise you. You’ll keep adding additional tools as you get more at ease and experiment with the arrangement. Naturally, a lot of those technological instruments will require a source of electricity.
Power strips are an essential component of any home office setup. Make sure you choose one with surge protection for extra piece of mind. When you have numerous gadgets plugged in, this will assist in maintaining power at a safe level.
A power strip with plug and USD will eliminate your concerns about several gadgets running out of power.
21. Grammarly
This is a tool for anyone who writes a lot on a regular basis, whether they do it remotely or not. Regardless of your level of schooling or how accomplished you think you are as a writer.
Grammarly integrates with virtually every online writing environment, including emails, comment sections on social media sites, and Google Docs. It will examine everything from your tone and potential plagiarism to your spelling and punctuation, and it may even make suggestions for improving your work.

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