How to Craft A Sales Elevator Pitch With Examples

What is the best sales elevator pitch example?

How do you craft a good sales elevator pitch?

Every business or organization aim is to make sales and make profit. Therefore, organizations take their sales important and have a separate department that handles sales for effectiveness.

Talking about elevator pitch, it has been established that Elevator pitch is a short speech that helps you introduce yourself, your brand, your business to potential clients or customers. As choice of career differs, so also does elevator pitch for career and fields differ.

An accountant cannot give the same pitch as a sales representative because their roles and job description differ. One is to perform financial functions related to a company’s financial operations, while the other is to sell products and services using solid arguments to prospective customers. 

An elevator pitch starts like every other conversation, but the motive is that it leads into a deeper conversation about what the pitcher can offer and what the prospective company or client can offer. Below are tips and examples on how to present or go about a sales elevator pitch.

Start with a Question

A lot of people flow with the generics and forget to personalize their pitch. A unique way to start is by asking a question with assumptions. Assume that they have the problem you can solve.

For example:

“You probably have an online store and you are struggling with sales right? I am an Instagram guru and I help small businesses grow massively on IG. I have helped over 100 business grow their online presence, let us do the same for you.”

If they are not, they will know someone in their corner that is having similar issue. The beautiful thing about sales and making profit is that they do not even need to be having the problem before they contact a salesperson because the goal is to make more sales.

Keep it short

It is called an elevator pitch because it should be as brief as being in an elevator trip. You do not want to start a conversation or a pitch that you might not finish because it is too long and the person you are conversing with has to leave. Keep it short make sure all your points are captured within the short period. Another disadvantage of having a long pitch is that you say too many things and miss out on the important points you are meant to sell out. It is therefore vital that you keep it simple and short.


“We help children learn French language”

This alone already captures that you are a French teacher whose duty is to privately or in school help children learn the French language. You do not have to go about the how you make this happen or when. That can come up after the pitch has been successful and a follow-up conversation has been organized.

State Benefits

It is quite easy to get drown in stating how and what you do entails and not focusing on how your prospective client can benefit from it. Yes, you teach children French language so how does your prospective client benefit from that. This is important, do not assume that your client knows how your service or product will be of benefit to them.

“We understand how stressful it is to go to the market for shopping. That is why we are here, you give us the list and your budget and we deliver it to your door step”

Most time the clients do not even know that a product or service has a great benefit on them until when they are told. Some persons do not seek knowledge until it is brought to them.

Pitch with Figures and Data 

Some persons argue that not everybody can translate data. But that also balls down to the kind of audience you are rendering your pitch to. An important thing about data is that it backs up the point you are making. It makes your prospective client realize that you know your onions. A conference is a perfect place to give a pitch with data because the set of people there are those who are knowledgeable and can be convinced when they realize that you know your data.

Example: Data has it that 90% of business owners, do not make sales because they do not engage with their customers. I make engaging videos for business owners that help clients engage with their page and also enhance massive sales”.

You do not have to make up the data, make sure they are researched because you do not know the client that will ask for a proof of the data that was given. It is better not to use data than to give the wrong data in order to make your clients believe in you.

Have it Conversational

You are not in an interview so there is no need to be formal. Keep your pitch conversational, make sure you are interacting with your receiver. Do not make it seem like a monologue where you talk alone from the beginning of the pitch to the end. Converse and interact with the person you are pitching to make sure he/she is with you and not lost in between your pitch.

Sales Elevator Pitch Example:

Prospect: What do you do

Me: “I help business owners make heaven on earth”

Prospect: How do you that?

You: (Shoot your shot) Give your pitch according to all that has been explained above.

Here is a recap of all that has been stated above. To have an effective sales elevator pitch as a salesperson then your pitch should start with a question, keep it short, state how it benefits your prospects, pitch with figures and data and keep it conversational.  

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