How to use Social Media for Job Search

The power of the social media cannot be over-emphasized but it is unfortunate that only a few fresh graduates, serving corps members or passed out corps members in Nigeria deeply understand and are making use of this social media power. Many of them will claim they recognize and are maximizing the power of social media but it eventually turns out they are using it for fun and relaxation only, not profitably.

Around the world, people now make millions of money on social media, in fact in more developed countries there are people who have taken social media activities as their full time jobs and they get paid handsomely. The question then is, what are you using your social media for?

Are you part of those who spend all day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and end up wasting gigabytes of data with no means of covering up, or you are a member of the group making money on social media?

As much as this is not the focus of this article, it is important to expose you to the many lucrative opportunities laying waste online that you are no taking advantage of. Did you know you can get online jobs in Nigeria and work from anywhere you are? Did you know you can trade food, fashion, photography, etc business online without owning a physical store for free? Beyond all this, do you know you can get a job on social media?

Social media has been proven to be important for job search, but you just might not realize how important it is. Turns out, it is very important and 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and we’re not only talking about LinkedIn. You don’t want to underestimate the power of your social media profiles to show off your skills, abilities and also give employers a sneak peek into your personality, and thereafter land you a job.

Using social media is a great way to boost your job search. Taking advantage of social media sites can help you find companies hiring. How then do you do this?

Before diving into that, take a look at the major social media platforms and how you can better use them.


LinkedIn is the go to social media platform for every job seeker, every professional has got a LinkedIn account and the level of professionalism displayed on this platform has made it a one stop shop for recruiters seeking to employ for a role.

As a job seeker, you should have a LinkedIn account with a captivating LinkedIn profile.Your LinkedIn profile is similar to writing an online CV, although it is not a replacement for a professionally written CV, it has become a very useful, if not essential, complement to it.

LinkedIn also offers some other useful features like Endorsements. Recruiters often view positive feedback or a good word from others about you as an indication of credibility and authenticity. You can ask people; manager, colleagues, customers, suppliers or friends to write a few positive words about you on your LinkedIn page.


Twitter is a public platform where people post and exchange short messages. People interact with other people or organizations they find interesting or useful on Twitter and also share links or photos.

As much as Twitter is considered an informal platform, there are known cases of persons who have gotten job placements on Twitter by simply putting themselves out. If you are trying to attract the attention of recruiters and others in your field, then you must represent yourself in an attractive and professional light.

Your Twitter profile could include a professional looking photo, an appropriate bio and you could have  a link to your CV, LinkedIn profile or website on your timeline. Twitter is much more informal than LinkedIn or conventional CVs, but you don’t want to underplay your skills and expertise.


In April 2016, Facebook reported that they had 1.59 billion active users. Although, it is considered to be one of the most informal social media platform, Facebook actually gives to you what you seek on it.

The kind of friends you make and groups you join on Facebook would determine what floods your timeline. So, if you are hoping to get a job using Facebook, then you want to make friends with individuals in your chosen field and also belong to groups where issues regarding your industry are discussed.

Facebook can be useful as it’s an easy way to ask your personal connections for information and advice about your career or job search and can also provide a resource of information on both individuals and companies.

Here are tips to help you effectively use your social media platforms for job search:

  1. Work on your social media pages or timeline.

If you already have accounts on the social media platforms stated above, go through the pages and scrutinize every post or picture you have made in the past. Delete any that doesn’t portray you as a professional or responsible person. Begin to make post that shows your interest on your chosen field and engage with post that resonates with you.

Take professional pictures, post them on your timeline and carve beautifully written captions for them.

  1. Be Original

Enusre you have your real names and picture(s) on your social media, no recruiter would want to relate with a person with fake details on social media let alone hire him or her.

Use your real names and avoid nicknames except if they are brand names.

  1. Post Relevant materials

Start posting and reposting items that are relevant to your career or area of expertise.You can post these across all your social media platforms.  Write well-researched posts to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Also, follow relevant career-oriented sites to stay engaged with the latest information in your field.

  1. Be Active

Being active is the lifewire of social media.  Not every post has to be career-related, but while you’re searching for a new job you should remain active and keep your posts neutral. Consider posting once or twice a week to keep each social media account active.

However, in your quest to be active, be cautious of posts you engage with and comments you make. A popular saying is “the internet never forgets”, a comment or post you make today can be used against you in years to come. As a fresh graduate, serving corps member or Post-NYSC,  you should be extremely mindful of the words you say and how you say them.

Be apolitical. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be professional.

  1.  Shoot your Shot

Although, it is generally believed that “shooting shots”is about a guy wooing a lady or vice versa,          this  term is now being adopted in daily living. Shooting shot implies taking the bull by the horn,                approaching whoever you need to talk to to make a request, seek help or assistance, etc especially online as there are different calibre of people on the space.

The internet is a community where the rich, poor and middle class meet and seem “equal”, it is considered an unofficial place which further makes it possible for people in high places to be closer to the public.  If you are seeking an opportunity, a job or whatever, you can go on the internet, search for and connect with someone in position to help you, after which you can politely send the person a message detailing your request.

By Deborah Yusuf

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