Top 5 Free CV Builders to Use in 2020

The first thing that introduces you as a job seeker to a recruiter is your CV, the appearance, packaging, content and professionalism displayed in your CV is what grabs a recruiter’s audience before he moves to reaching out to you for an interview.

This goes to show how important it is for you to ensure that you give your CV all the attention it requires in building it to a job worthy CV.

Did you also know that most recruiters use CV screening software known as application tracking system (ATS) to sort out CVs? That is why as a job seeker you should begin your CV building by knowing particularly the keywords in the industry and making extensive use of them to help get your CV noticed.

Do a little research on your industry and dream job. This will give you information about the top soft and hard skills recruiters are looking for. Note that soft skills are the non-technical skills such as leadership and collaboration. Hard skills are technical skills, such as a trade skill (like carpentry) or experience with a type of software (like Adobe Photoshop).

There are professionals who can help you in building your CV to meet the standard a recruiter seeks, these professionals help amplify your experiences likewise your skills as a first-time job seeker.

Meanwhile, should you not be able to afford these professional CV builders, there are hundreds of online CV builder websites for you, though many of them imply that they are free to use, they may require you to pay once you’re ready to finalize it.

TOP 5 Best And Free CV Building Websites

The five sites below offer you a full, free PDF download version of your CV. Nearly any CV-builder will give you a free .txt version of your CV, but that isn’t something you’d want to submit to an employer. Nevertheless, we actually went in and used each of these sites below to verify that users can build their CV from start to finish (“finish” meaning that it will allow you to download a PDF version of your CV) without having to pay a cent.


LinkedIn has been named the top professional social media platform where recruiters connect with job seekers and otherwise. It also exposes you to vacancies in Nigeria thereby increasing your chance to get Nigerian jobs.

Building a LinkedIn profile is just as easy as it is on other social media platforms, the difference is that LinkedIn requires you to be more professional as you are writing for an “A list” audience.

To build a CV on LinkedIn, when you complete your profile, simply click the “More” button near the top right of your profile. Select the option to “Save to PDF.” After saving, you may realize that your profile is longer than two pages, in this case, make some adjustment to your profile to ensure that your PDF CV is two pages or less.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy more options or variety in building your CV, you can subscribe to the Premium version to gain access to LinkedIn CV Builder.

Kick Resume

After creating your LinkedIn profile, KickCV allows you to sign-in with your LinkedIn credentials. When you log in, answer the quick 5-step survey to help you get started.  When selecting a template, be sure to note which templates are free and which will cost you money that is the pro version. Although your CV might look different from the sample shown, yours will still look clean just be sure to download in PDF.

Make extensive use of the “Add Phrases” feature so that your descriptions will match what recruiters are looking for. After entering your job title make sure to proofread each phrase you’ve added.

KickCV allows you to include your last three jobs. If you want to include more than your last three employers, you will need to upgrade to a pro membership. However, employers appreciate a brief CV, so it is not necessarily a bad thing for you to only include the three last or most relevant jobs you’ve had.

When you finish working on you, make sure to preview your CV carefully. Check for anything that looks confusing, as well as bad grammar or misspellings, and then proceed to download.

It doesn’t require you to create an account. You can begin to build your CV from the home page. Another great advantage of this site is that it will only produce a one-page CV. Depending on how much job history you have, this may be a challenge, but recruiters love one-page CVs.

Having an already constructed LinkedIn profile will help you greatly in building your CV.

Choose the “Upload CV” option, which leads you to a dashboard where you can clean up the format and content. If you choose the “Create New CV,” you will have to input the content from scratch within the same dashboard.

There’s an Editor on the side where you can edit each section of your CV. Each section offers you phrase suggestions that may help you if you are building the content from scratch. Once you have everything just as you like it, select the download button on the far right toolbar.


CV Maker is the quickest and easiest CV building website. It suits perfectly if you have your content ready to go, unlike other websites it doesn’t recommend keywords and phrases.

When you begin building your CV, you’ll notice a note at the top letting you know that you can download it, but unless you sign up for a paid membership, you won’t be able to save your work.

The dashboard is straightforward to follow. You don’t have to use every section listed on the left-hand side. But you should at least complete Basic Information, Work Experience, and Education.

When you’re done with your work, do a quick preview, check for any errors, then move to download as PDF.

Cake resume

This website has more of a LinkedIn feel to it. You are required to first create a profile, and they will let you upload an existing CV to start working with. The PDF download of your LinkedIn profile works great for this. After this, you will be asked a few simple questions. Bear in mind that the Cake resume will actually help you with your job search if you register for a paid membership.

Note that even after creating a profile, it will only convert to a CV if you are a paid subscriber, otherwise, you will be required to start from scratch by clicking make CV from scratch.

From here, you will build your CV almost as though you were building it on Microsoft Word. This design dashboard will be enjoyable for those that like to design. If designing your CV from scratch is not for you, you may prefer to use one of the other four options in this article. Once you’ve built your CV as you like it, go to the top left and select Publish or PDF.

Because your CV determines to a large extent if you will be called up for an interview or get a job at all, should you find it challenging using any of the above-mentioned websites them you should patronize a professional CV writer to make your CV outstanding and job-worthy?

By Deborah Yusuf

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