Which industry is a higher prospect for me today?

One of the most common questions from job applicants is how do I get jobs in Nigeria?’. But people need to also focus narrowing down their jobs in Nigeria search to industries with currently high prospects. This is why it is pertinent to follow the job trends in Nigeria.

Job seekers have to learn about opportunities and prospects in the industries and locations they are seeking jobs or businesses in. For example, the telecom industry grew a lot in Nigeria from 2001 till recent years. The industry provided a lot of direct (technology and non-technology) and indirect jobs (recharge card sellers, phone call booths, etc) across Nigeria. Many university students dreamt of working in the industry before graduation. But that has changed today – the industry has reached a maturity stage and not growing like it did before. Enormous business competition in the industry has crashed earnings and opportunities for both the direct and indirect jobs in Nigeria. Are there still some job opportunities in the industry? Yes. But is this an industry that job seekers should focus a lot on? No.

So, it is important for you to read, ask questions, and find out a lot about different industries while looking for jobs in Nigeria. For the technology people, I can quickly say that ‘software’ is an industry that is growing right now. Therefore, if you’re studying engineering in school, try to develop interest in coding. This will be far more lucrative than networking and telecoms for the next several years. Jobs in Nigeria also grew a lot in banks, insurance, recruitment, and even government in several states within the last decade. But If you ask me today which industry is currently growing at the fastest rate and will continue to grow over the next decade, the resounding answer is Agriculture. There are not many high-level jobs yet in this industry, but people need to start preparing themselves for this. Several jobs (direct, indirect, business-related jobs in Nigeria, as well as graduate job vacancies in Nigeria) will open up in coming years, and I encourage young people to develop interest in it. provides you daily jobs in Nigeria.

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