Top 10 Best Laptops for Students

Buying a laptop can indeed be a tasking process as you must put a lot of factors into consideration, the intended purpose of the laptop will determine the type or brand of laptop to buy.

This is why you will find this list of the best laptops for students useful.

Another factor to be considered is your purse. Taking a glance back at the past as I remember buying my first ever laptop, I had to put several factors into consideration, all I was looking for back then was one that will enable me to use it for my academic activities and also to watch movies and play games.

I had spent days thinking about how good my PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER would look so great on my new laptop. Getting it with the assistance of a tech enthusiast eventually saw me making a good acquisition.

Eventually settled for an HP 625 Laptop, one that gave me the joy which was cut short later after an unknown person had sat on my laptop.

There are so many brands of laptops out there in the various Nigerian market, it is very important that you take the bold step of getting to know more about these various brands before you make the final decision of buying a laptop.

For those who are buying a laptop for the very first time, the excitement is always there, the rush and the adrenaline of possessing your very first Laptop should not cloud your reasoning process to the point that you will have to fall for laptops that look fanciful and attractive without checking to know its various specifications

Except you are a tech enthusiast, do not make the mistake of thinking what you hear about laptops or just the review you read about laptops are all you need to buy a good laptop that will suit your purpose. Where you get these laptops is also something which you must consider among several other factors.

Right before you get yourself a laptop, either used or a brand new one, here are the factors you must put into consideration

Top Factors to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

  1. Purpose of the Laptop– this has already been discussed in the opening paragraph of this article, identifying the exact purpose for which you intend buying the laptop will help you identify the type of laptop which you need to buy. Take for instance you are a graphic designer, and you intend to buy a laptop, you do not just buy yourself a laptop for the sake of just buying a laptop. You do because its specifications are the most suited for what you intend to use it for. The resolution, the RAM must be the one that is strong enough to handle what you intend using it for.
  2. Battery Life– Buying a laptop without getting to know how strong the battery lasts should be avoided. This is Nigeria; you must ensure that you know for how long your battery will last when fully charged. Buying a laptop with a dead battery or one with a low battery life will do you no good as it will frustrate her efforts. How will you feel if you cannot perform a simple task on your laptop without it going off? Buying a laptop with bad battery life is just like buying a desktop computer which only works on electricity
  3. Processor– Buying a laptop, you also must consider the kind of processor that comes along with it.  How effective your laptop runs are solely determined by how bigger and stronger the processor is. When you buy a laptop with a very low or small processor, then you should expect it to run very slow which will frustrate you. When this happens, the ability of your system to multi-task, that will be grossly affected
  4. RAM Capacity– if you are looking for a laptop that loads very fast irrespective of the files on it then you have to ensure that you take special consideration on the RAM, Random Access Memory. If you are a student and you intend buying a laptop, do well to ensure that you are buying a laptop with at least a minimum of 2GB RAM, and if you are a graphics designer or businessman/woman, then you have to do well to buy a laptop with 4GB Random Access Memory.
  5. Your Budget– when buying a laptop, it is important that you buy one that fits your budget. Even with low funds, you can still get the best of good laptop deals in Nigeria. There are fairly used laptops in good condition that you can buy, also there are various brand-new mini laptops which you can get in onsite shops or either through the various online channels
  6. The Reliability of the Store– this is another important factor which you must consider before buying a laptop in Nigeria. We now have many shops around that sell or deal with a laptop and other gadgets and as a result of this, do not just walk into any shop or approach any online store to buy a laptop either a new one or used laptops. Ensure that you can confirm the reliability of these shops before you buy from them. It is not just about ensuring that you do not fall prey to vendors that sell substandard products or items that have security questions on them, it also has to do with getting the best deal when it comes to making your choice of what to buy, it is about getting your laptop from the stores that offer you a good warranty for the items gotten by you. Most of these stores have experts and specialists who are always around to help you make the right purchase decision.
  7.  Spare part Availability– getting a good and unique laptop is good, but then you have to think about the prospect of getting a good laptop that you can easily find its spare parts in the case of repairs. There are certain brands that you cannot easily find their spare market in the IT market as you might have to place an order for them from foreign stores. When you consider the stress that you might have to pass through before getting access to these rare spare parts then you might find it a better decision to buy a common laptop that you can easily find the spare parts around without any challenge.
  8. Size and Form Factor– this also has to do with what you intend doing with your laptop, if it’s just for writing, probably you are a copyright, content creator, or your work has to do with less heavy files or you are doing a work which requires or entails mobility. In such a case then you might think of getting a portable laptop.

That’s a mini laptop that you can easily carry around and use with ease. When we talk about the size, we are not talking about the RAM or ROM of the laptop.

  1. Screen Quality– if you are the type that works long hours on the laptop, then you will definitely have to give the screen quality a major thought as it is not healthy for you to buy a laptop with very bad or poor screen quality. Also for those who need to get a laptop for gaming or graphics work, then we do know that having a laptop with a good screen quality is a must because when they buy a laptop that has a bad screen quality, definitely the quality of the screen will inevitably affect the quality of the output.
  2. Keyboard Quality– for those who will be doing a lot of typing work on their laptops, then it is very important that you get a laptop with a very good keyboard. It is not going to do you any good if you buy a laptop whose keyboard gets spoilt at the slightest touch or use.

The 10 Best Laptops for Students in Nigeria

No doubt the world has evolved to become a digital one, under this session we look at some of the Best Laptops for Students in Nigeria. This is because the laptop has become an important and essential tool for students across the various Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. With a proper laptop and ICT tools, they can see to it that they turn in their assignments, project works, essays, presentations, and all related. Gone are those days when they must handwrite their assignments or projects.

In this list, we prepare a list of some of the best and quality laptops you can get as a student, their important features, and add are their various specifications.

  1. Lenovo Ideapad S145 – this is a nice gadget with top-notch features and specifications from LENOVO. With a RAM size of 4GB. Also, with a screen size of 15.6 inches long. It has a storage capacity of 1 Terabyte. The integrated graphics is, intel UHD Graphics 610, with a processor type of intel Celeron N4205U. It has no CD drive and for easy usage, there is a keyboard light function attached to it. Furthermore, the model boasts of good battery life and also has an operating system of Windows 10. You can get this brand in any of the Nigerian retail Outlets or online shops within the range of #78,000 to #80,000. It is a good brand for students and graphics guys. Gamers will always have a good gaming experience using this brand
  2. HP 15 Intel Celeron– This is another laptop that should also be considered by students, graphic guys, or IT students. The price range is between #81,000 to #85,000. It comes with an operating system of Windows 10, a battery life that uses up to 9 to 10 hours when fully charged. The Random-Access Memory is 4GB and the storage capacity is 500GB HDD. Also, it boasts of having a keyboard light and a DVD Drive.
  3. DELL E640014.1– More similar in feature with, a RAM of 4GB, and a storage capacity of 500GB. However, it is the operating system is Windows 7 while its battery life is around 7 to 8 hours when fully charged. It also comes with a processor type of Intel Core 2 Duos and a processor speed of 2.26GHz. The price range is around #68,990 to #69,000.
  4. HP Notebook 15 Intel Core 13– this is a bit more expensive than the brands as it comes within the price range of #124,000 to #125,000. The battery life is very good, and it comes with an operating system of Windows 10. The storage capacity of 500GB HDD and a screen size of 15.6 inches long. The processor type is Intel Core i3 and a processor speed of 2.0Ghz.
  5. Dell Inspiron 15– this is another very good for students, IT guys, and various other purposes. It comes at a price range of #140,000 to #145,000. The Random-Access Memory is 4GB while the storage is 1TB HDD. This is a very good piece for graphics designers, the screen resolution comes at 1920 x 1080.
  6. Asus Vivobook Flip TP410UA– Stylish, with a classical design to give users a thrilling experience, the Asus Vivobook Flip TP410UA comes with a storage of 1TB HDD. It is a 360 Rotatable device with a RAM of 4GB. Also, it is a touchscreen laptop with a battery life of more than 10 hours when fully charged. The Operating System is Windows 10, and it comes at the price of #181,990 to #190,000.
  7. Lenovo Flex 4.- Built for strong, advanced, and highly technical functions, the Lenovo Flex 4 laptop is a two one laptop with a RAM size of 8GB and storage size of 1 Terabyte. It comes with screen touch and a keyboard light. It comes with an operating system of Windows 10 and a processor type of Intel 6th Generation Core 15 Processors. Buyers can get it within the range of #218,000 to #220,000
  8. HP Pavilion 14– another good and highly recommended laptop with amazingly fast and efficient features, the HP Pavilion 14 comes with a RAM of 8GB and storage of 1 Terabyte SSD, and a screen size of 14.0 inches. It also comes with a Windows 10 operating system, a battery life of over 8 hours. It is also a screen touch laptop. It is available within the price range of #175,000 in Nigeria.
  9. HP 15 Intel Core 15– another highly functional laptop and it comes with a RAM size of 8GB and a processor type of Intel Core i5-7200U and a Processor Speed of 2.5 GHz base frequency up to 3.1 GHz with a turbo boost. It also comes with a Windows 10 operating system and you can get it within the range of 190,000.
  10. HP ENVY x360 Notebook– this comes with a 7th generation-intel Core i7-7500U. It boasts of a RAM size of 16GB. It comes with a battery life of around 6 hours. Buyers can get this from around 230,000 to 240,000 in Nigeria.

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