Laboratory and Supply Chain Management Officer

Job Information

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    Category Driving Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 22 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name THPS
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Job Description

  • To support implementation of laboratory and supply chain management activities required for TB and reproductive health services and capacity development in supported regions and health facilities (HFs)To provide technical assistance to facility-level lab personnel, including regular and systematic observation of TB testing procedures and ongoing site level supportive supervision and
  • To build capacity of Regional and District laboratory technologists (RTL and DTL) in providing ongoing mentorship and supportive supervision to laboratory and non-laboratory health providers in supported health

  • Support proper management of TB and reproductive health commodities and supplies at R/CHMTs and HFs and promote effective inventory management practices for relevant TB and RH commodities at HFs for uninterrupted
  • Work closely to THPS zonal teams and regional, council and hospital management teams (R/CHMT, and HMTs) and other laboratory stakeholders to improve laboratory performance.
  • Build capacity of laboratory health providers in appropriate lab logistics management to ensure uninterrupted lab services across all supported health
  • Support laboratory staff in in health facilities at supported zones to implement laboratory quality management system as per national laboratory
  • To provide ongoing mentorship to laboratory staff and health care providers on performing quality laboratory services and interpretation of laboratory
  • Assist in the preparation and delivery of proficiency testing for EQA from laboratory and non-laboratory
  • Conduct supportive supervision and mentorship to laboratories under accreditation process and organize/ coordinate training programs/continue medical education as appropriate to address gaps identified during supportive
  • Provide technical assistance to facility level lab managers, Quality Officers including: establishing routine workflows; developing/refining SOPs and job aides including planning of lab activities to improve tests performance and reduce turnaround
  • To help implement and monitor efficient documentation of laboratory results at the sites, as well as effective linkage between laboratories and clinical
  • Perform any other duties as