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Because of our huge database of IT candidates (Software Developers – C#, dot NET, ReactJS, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python, Ruby, etc, Data Scientists, QA Engineers – Selenium, Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers – Azure and AWS, Cyber Security Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, and Project Managers) we are able to screen and deliver CVs to clients across the world within 24 hours and at affordable rates. Our services will always save you money and time when compared to other options.


We also provide IT staff outsourcing service to clients in Nigeria, North America, Europe, and Singapore. This includes the entire recruitment process, onboarding, payroll, taxes, insurance, government and legal documentation, as well as human resource management. Our vast experience managing all types of IT engineers (including but not limited to software engineers, cloud engineers, IT support engineers, network engineers, QA engineers, data engineers and data scientists) enables us to offer you guaranteed cost and time savings.


For mass recruitment of graduate and experienced engineers, we offer online coding assessments to enhance and expedite your screening process. We can customize coding assessments to match your skill and role requirements. Our role modules include Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Data Science, Data Engineer, WordPress Developer, DevOps, QA, Android Developer, iOS Developer, and Full-stack Developer. Our skill modules include C#, Angular, AWS, CSS, Dart, Database, Docker, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Node.js, .NET, R, React, and many more.


HR Manager at Custodian Investment - June 2021

DelonJobs is one of our recruitment partners and they are doing a good job helping us source talents to fill our resource gaps. I am particularly pleased with the professionalism of their staff and the personalized approach applied to address our specific needs. For the ease of service, they recently introduced a digital platform that makes the transmission of candidates’ CVs easier. It is always a pleasure working with them.

IT Recruitment Team Member
at Wema Bank - August 2021

DelonJobs is one of our IT recruitment and outsourcing partners here at Wema Bank. We are pleased with their response time to our requests and the competence of their staff. We also enjoy their use of nice applications for tracking.


From our early days, we’ve been providing reliable service to our clientele. We’ve had the honor of being the firm of choice of the following corporations:

Access Bank

Wema Bank


Sterling Bank




Altruist, India


SPL Group




UBA, Nigeria

Fidelity Bank


Eco Bank

UBA, Kenya

INL Consulting, UK

UBA, DR Congo


Looking for a reliable IT Recruitment and Outsourcing company in Nigeria? DelonJobs offers you premium service and guaranteed cost savings.

There are many competent general recruiting companies in Nigeria today that are great at general recruiting and HR management. But they make a lot of mistakes with IT recruitment and outsourcing because of their limited competency in IT. IT recruitment and outsourcing are highly technical, complex, and often require recruiters to have significant technical understanding and experience.

Having provided different IT services to banks and other large companies across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in the last 14 years, our company has apt technical experience which helps the recruitment team deliver top-of-the-range service. We use specially trained technical recruiters for CV screening, phone screening, and technical interviews. We are therefore able to recruit quicker and make fewer errors.

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