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There are many competent general recruiting companies in Nigeria today who are great at general recruiting and HR management. But they make a lot of mistakes with IT recruitment because IT recruitment service is highly technical, complex, and often requires recruiters to have significant technical understanding and experience. Since IT recruitment is our core competence, we use technical recruiters (engineers with recruiting experience) for CV screening, phone screening, and technical interviews. We are therefore able to recruit quicker and make fewer errors.

In the last thirteen years, our team has provided different technology products and services to Deloitte, UBA, MTN, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, FCMB, Eco Bank, CWG, Makon Engineering, Latter Rain Assembly, Winners Chapel, RCCG, Christ Embassy, Ogun State Television, as well as companies in UAE (Dubai), Kenya and Mozambique.

We created the #1 classified ads website in Nigeria – (currently ranked #1 by google as the top classified ads website in Nigeria), and a sub-domain that is a top job website in Nigeria – (with over 100,000 regular job-seeker engagements on our linkedin and other platforms). So, we have a great database of CVs and job seekers that we quickly explore for our clients. But what makes us unique is our specialty in IT recruitment.

it recruitment and it staff outsourcing

The fact that we also already have a popular technology platform and significant database also give us an advantage during the hiring process. Our team is made up of technical recruiters and analysts in Lagos, Nigeria, and Boston, United States. We work hard to provide premium service at very competitive rates.

Please find below a summary of our three IT staffing services:

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IT Recruitment Company in Nigeria:

When you seek to recruit in-house IT staff in any state of Nigeria and Abuja, broadcast job advert across the country, screen CVs, conduct phone interviews to shortlist candidate to a small number, and get an analysis of a small group of shortlisted candidates to the hiring manager for final interviews, we have the  apt technology and human resource to meet these needs. Staffing requirements may include IT support engineers, software developers, power engineers, network engineers, quality assurance engineers, cyber security engineers, datacenter engineers, and other IT related positions.

IT Recruitment Agency: Staff Outsourcing and More:

We also handle IT staff outsourcing in Nigeria which includes the entire recruitment process, onboarding, payroll, and human resource management. Our vast experience managing engineers enables us to offer top tier and matching IT professionals to your company. This service would help you with IT support engineers, software developers, cloud engineers, power engineers, network engineers, quality assurance engineers, cyber security engineers, datacenter engineers, and other IT related positions.

Expatriate or Offshore Top Tier Software Developers:

Occasionally, you may have some huge software projects that require top tier software developers that are rarely available in Nigeria. We have an office in the United States from where we can deploy contract top tier developers to work either as offshore developers or resident expatriate developers in Nigeria. We can provide this service at very competitive rates compared with alternatives in Lagos or elsewhere.


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More about our approach

As a specialized IT recruiting firm, we do a lot more than comb through the internet or outdated applicant database to find candidates. We fully understand the market and industry needs in Nigeria. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis means many organizations in Nigeria will have to re-organize to save costs. You may not need to keep the large overhead of in-house technical recruiters like before. Outsourcing this service to us will save you money.

You may also be able to save money by not hiring all your technical staff as full-time internal staff. You can outsource the entire process to a competent technical company like us.

By partnering with Delon Jobs as your information technology staffing agency, you will save significant time and money by gaining an expanded collection of skilled job applicants, and a simplified IT recruitment process for better and quicker hiring.

Because we are also a software development company, we can provide some services directly and also help you with agile transformation at your company. Agile transformation is the process of transitioning an entire organization to a nimble, reactive approach based on agile principles. Understanding agile transformation begins with understanding what it is not: adopting agile software development methodologies.

While any organization undergoing this transformation is likely to also embrace agile, Scrum, Lean, etc., agile transformation is a much larger endeavor than just changing how software gets built.

Instead, this is a complete transformation of the entire organization and extends far beyond product development. The goal is to breathe new life into the organization by creating an environment that embraces creativity and innovation, empowering employees, and reducing unnecessary layers of management.

The end result may include cross-functional or self-organized teams, a renewed focus on customer satisfaction, a reduction in processes and plans in favor of action, and increased levels of internal communication and information sharing.

We have certified and experienced agile coaches that can help your organization transform into a better functioning agile community.


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Planning your IT recruitment for post-COVID-19 crisis

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to remember that at some point, the Nigerian economy will grow again and companies will resume hiring IT staff. This will mean hiring for positions that were vacated, hiring for completely new positions, and hiring based on re-organizations. Whichever your situation is as a company, you should start the process now and not wait until the coronavirus crisis is over.

You should be ready to become more flexible than you used to be. Remember that hiring the right staff is critical to keeping projects on track and your organization running smoothly and charging ahead. So you may have to outsource some jobs beyond your office premises to reduce cost, while still focusing on keeping your organization running smoothing. You may have to consider some staff for part-time or full-time online jobs in Nigeria.

Delon Jobs is willing to start partnering with you at this time to support your re-organization strategies and get you ready for the new world after COVID-19.

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Though IT recruitment is our core competence, we also provide premium recruitment and outsourcing service for non-IT positions. Whether you are a small business owner or large company, Delon Jobs can provide cost-effective recruitment services that guarantees you the most ideal job candidate at the lowest possible cost.

We can help you recruit for internship positions as well as senior management roles across Nigeria. We also provide outsourcing services to micro-finance banks, insurance companies, factories, restaurants and other types of companies.