Consultancy: Final Evaluation Consultant (Deepening Peace

Job Information

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    Category West Africa Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 25 ,2020
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    Qualifications Master's Degree
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    Employer Name Search for Common Ground (SFCG)

Job Description

Purpose of the Final Evaluation

  • Building understanding and trust is the most critical precondition to peace building. With the growing population and resultant lack of control of resources such as land and crude oil proceeds, communities in the Niger Delta are prone to conflicts over these resources. In the absence of understanding and trust, intra and inter communal clashes are rife and further clashes with the Oil Producing Companies are also common.
  • This project recognizes that if members of communities are empowered with non-violence means of resolving conflicts and embrace dialogues, and thus develop locally-owned and sustained mechanisms for conflict prevention and dispute resolution, the risk of intergroup violence will be reduced and norms and institutions favourable towards peace and reconciliation will be reinforced.
  • To this end, the final evaluation will provide information on the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the project, for internal accountability and learning which will be used for designing, planning and implementation of future programs and for accountability to donors. The evaluation will also determine the level of adherence to the planned activities and associated results planned during project implementation.

Objectives of the Final Evaluation are to:

  • To determine the project’s contribution and impact in achievement minimizing conflicts arising from governance and resource issues
  • To document outcomes/impact in line with all project expected outcomes and objectives.
  • To determine the extent to which the project is having an impact on gender and inclusion dynamics, specifically the role of women, youth and marginalized groups in peace building in the communities.
  • To determine the capacity and motivation of project beneficiaries to sustain the gains of the intervention especially the platforms created by the project after the lifespan of the project.
  • To provide an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and gaps in the project implementation, and recommendations for addressing the weaknesses and challenges which will inform future programming.
  • To provide and share actionable lessons learne