Operation Executives – OE221

Job Information

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    Category Admin & HR Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 21 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Rainoil Limited
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    Contact Email recruitment@rainoil.com.ng

Job Description


  1. Facilitates the Loading of products at the depots
  2. Collects the chart of every truck to compares it with the ullage figures to establish the quantity loaded.
  3. Periodically escorts the truck to the destination and makes sure the customer does an ullage and sees the discharge.
  4. Attends to any issues that may arise at the depots either with the owners or external stakeholders
  5. Prepares reports on daily operations and stock movement.
  6. Notifies the various agencies on vessel arrival.
  7. Ensures all the equipment required for operations is in place.
  8. Implements HSE policies in the daily operations and reports any shortage in equipment to the manager.
  9. Performs stock count through dipping and reports any shortages.
  10. Proactively engages with the external community, government agencies, and other relevant stakeholders concerning Rain oil Operations.