Risk and Compliance Manager

Job Information

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    Category East Africa Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 2 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Contact Email silver_peace89@yahoo.com

Job Description

  • Oversee and enforce risk management policies, including Credit Manual, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Manual and Policy, and monitor compliance with these policies.
  • Develop appropriate Risk Management strategies/tools and disseminate appropriate risk management practices in line with developments in business products, change in clients, markets/industry, laws and regulations.
  • Own and ensure that the KYC/AML & CTF policies are kept up to date in line with CBN’s / FATF regulations.
  • Ensure that Members of Staff are familiar with the KYC/AML & CTF regulations pertinent to their jobs.
  • Carry out internal training / refresher training for all staff to ensure that they suitably trained.
  • Provide an independent review of proposed business plans which include risks identified to the Board Risk Committee and Executive Committee.
  • Manage a comprehensive KYC/AML/CTF Compliance program for the company in line with local regulations and internal policy requirements.
  • Developing systems to generate a robust system to identify, monitor, manage and control credit, market and operational risks.