Retail Supervisor – RSN221

Job Information

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    Category Marketing Jobs
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    Posted On Apr 5 ,2022
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    Qualifications HND/Bachelor's degree
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    Employer Name BBOXX
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    Contact Email [email protected]

Job Description

  • As a Retail Supervisor you will be driving the key metrics of a shop: Sales, Installation, Repossession and Aftersales services
  • You will have the opportunity to build and manage a network of agents, technicians and one shop manager
  • This is an opportunity given for very strong performers to build up the skills of a manager and later on move up in the organization
  • Create and maintain an incredible sales team
  • Meet the sales objectives through careful planning and motivating your team
  • Meet the technician target through a laser focus on efficiency
  • Meet the operational standard we expect at the shop Tasks
  • Responsible for new customer acquisition across a defined area
  • Hiring agents who are very effective sellers and good representative of BBOXX
  • Training agents to offer an incomparable customer service
  • Managing the schedule of agents and motivating them to reach new heights
  • Supporting and coaching agents in the field when needed (e.g. group presentation)
  • Monitoring their performance against objectives and take necessary actions
  • Organizing the agent network geographically Responsible for technicians performance
  • Managing the schedule of technicians and motivating them to reach new heights
  • Monitoring their performance against objectives and take necessary actions
  • Responsible to implement marketing strategy in coordination with Retail Area Manager
  • Request for any marketing activities
  • Responsible for the operations at the shop
  • Supervise the shop manager in its activities
  • Report to the retail area manager about the shop results Perks
  • A relentless commitment to training our staff and the opportunity to move up in the organization
  • Working with the best people in the sector
  • Making an impact for millions in the dark and being part of the solar revolution.